We are specialized in following

  •     Sports Injuries
  •     Orthopedic Conditions
  •     Work related Problems (Eg: backpain due to wrong sitting position)
  •     Neurological Conditions
  •     Motor-vehicle Injuries
  •     Post Orthopedic Surgeries
  •     Age-Related Problems
  •     Electrotherapy
  •     Prenatal Exercise/Yoga/Pilates


Women’s Health: Prenatal and postnatal exercise & care, maintaining posture, management of incontinence, post gynecological operations and many pregnancy related problems management

Age-Related Problems: Maintaining movements and independence Rehabilitation for balance problems, Treatment for Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, Chest Condition

Neurology: Helping person to regain normal or near normal functional activities in Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

Orthopedics: Regain mobility after hip and knee replacements, after prolonged immobilization, spinal surgeries, or different accidents.

Mental illness: By teaching relaxation and improving body awareness with the help of exercise.

People with learning difficulties: Using various kin of supporting activities and sports, assessing and providing different supportive tools like footwear, seating equipment.

Occupational problem: Assessing the work habits and treating employees in various companies, correcting the work habits to prevent problems. (Repetitive strain injury).

Pediatrics: Treating injured children, delayed development milestones, severe mental or physical handicap, cerebral palsy, etc.

Education and Health: Teaching patients about different related condition, precautionary measures, and life style choice like back care, ergonomics, cardiac rehabilitation etc.

Sports Injuries: Treating sports related injuries, avoiding repeated injuries & gain fitness.

Home Visits:  We provide home visits for bed-ridden or Non-ambulatory patients only.

ICU (Intensive care unit): To maintain general mobility of joints and to keep chests clear.

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